Private house

Kharkov city, Ukraine

This comfy house shows a clear instance how classic may live in harmony with high technologies. This project introduces a special interest of its control system. The customer desired to see both style and functionality in one control device, so we offered Basalte. German brand Basalte gives to the world the greatest design filling it with reliable and multipurpose control. Family can also control and keep track of all the devices in the home from their tablets or smartphones. We developed special interface for this purpose, where smart lighting, multiroom, climate control, CCTV and access control over the home are simply controlled on one screen.

Smart home for the office

Pushkinskaja street, Kharkov city, Ukraine

The owner has taken care of the office atmosphere which contributes to efficient work. Our climate and lighting control systems save time to employees and reduce owner's costs on energy consumption in times. To ensure complete safety we have implemented autonomous access control and door entry system.

Умный дом для дизайнера

г. Харьков, пос. Малая Даниловка

Дом дизайнера. В интерьере — душа хозяина. Стеклянная крыша и стены, творческий простор, игра света. Красоту мы сделали практичной с «Умными» технологиями. Не беспокоя хозяина, дом отлично справляется с множеством штор, светильников, теплыми полами, кондиционерами и системой вентиляции. В согласии работают также молниезащита, контроль протечек, видеонаблюдение, система оповещений, домофония, аудио-видео мультирум, домашний кинотеатр.

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